Saturday, August 27, 2011

Three Dangerous Allocation Methods That Aren't Going Away

Feeling guilty I haven't  posted more this summer, here's a quick review of some not-so-pretty things happening these days. These issues are in this post because they are NOT going away if we don't know about them. People are dying and invaluable resources around being compromised, not in Africa or Asia or the Middle East, its happening right here in the U.S

1.) Mountain Top Removal
Coal used to be harmless and an important source of energy- before modern scientific research proved it was actually killing us, that burning it was not nearly as efficient as speculated, and pollutes the environment. It also used to be good for local economies, until companies replaced workers with sticks of dynamite. Mountaintop Removal cancels the need for coal miners by simply blowing off the tops of mountains in areas like West Virginia in the Appalachians. Some more recent speculations include that coal is cheaper than other energy resources, but a closer look at the financial breakdown shows heavy subsidies come from our very own Federal government. That's right, we are actually PAYING for toxic poisons our air and water. It's all corporate coal margin and all sickness for the American people. Sheesh, pretty insane huh? Check out this short clip about  Mountain Top Removal:

Check out the campaigns and websites to take action:

2.) Hydraulic Fracturing
Euphemisms continue to break my heart! Natural gas has been discovered in many rock formations well below the ground throughout the country. The only natural thing about this gas is that it comes from the ground, developing the product we can use as fuel involves a process far less natural than you can imagine. You could also not imagine a super hip and cheap way for us to harvest this gas that is being found trapped in pockets under the earth. Call it Hydro- Fracking, the cool sounding name is irrelevant, this shit is dangerous. Energy companies found these pockets of gas trapped under the ground in place like Upstate New York and Pennsylvania, in a rock formation call the Marsellus Shale. Companys go in and drill into the ground with water and chemicals which split the shale rock and cause the gas to rush UNCONTROLLABLY to the earth surface. There is no controlling where the gas goes, so ground water pollution is immenant. and THEN we have all that run off chemicals that resurface and are left at the drilling sites to further pollute the environment. Seriously, guys, this is frakin' ridiculous:

If you want to learn more and take action:

3.) Drilling for Oil
This one might go away one day when we don't have any oil left to spill. It's call a fossil fuel, just like Coal and Natural Gas, there is a finite amount of oil and an ever-growing human population, you do the math! Let's all recall the most recent BP Oil Spill, let me remind you with a short and witty reenactment  One of the most sad but true Eco-satire i have ever seen, just watch it:

To protect our air and water from more oil disasters:
Start investing in green companies
Don't by gas from well know evil oil companies
Check out The Oil Spill Task Force

Stats from The Daily Green
11 people were missing and presumed dead after the explosion of the tanker
12,00 people in Louisiana filed for unemployment as a direct response to the oil spill ruining their line of work
 2300 square miles of coastal Louisiana marsh and cypress forest has been compromised
 BP's containment cap has caught over 127,000 barrels of oil since the cleanup start.

All in all, this wasn't the first oil spill and if we don't do anything to better regulate big oil,  it won't be the last.

If this topics make you angry, good! Getting clicking and find out what you can do to join the good fight. Thanks for tuning in, please pass this post around like it's your day job. Thanks!

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